reviews from our customers

Great place for raw food, and a knowledgeable staff. 5 star’s

David Sutton

There is nobody else I’d trust to keep my pup (I say pup, but he’s almost 7 and has been going to shebangs since he was 6 months old). Between being able to text them to check on him, the love he is shown while there, and how the employees ask me to bring him back because they love and miss him.. it’s unbeatable. I drive an hour and a half one way to take him to be boarded/pick up his raw. I am so blessed to have found Shebangs not only for my boarding needs and dog food, but also for the help and knowledge when needed! I cannot recommend them enough!

Katie Basham

Very informational and helpful! We have two hard to keep GSDs and the staff are always very helpful in selecting our dogs food! Thank you for giving our community healthy options for our pets!

Larissa Bayer Norris

We get our dog food from a reseller in Owensboro. Our dog has had a much healthier coat since we switched!

TJ Stinnett

Great Owners and GREAT FOOD FOR DOGS AND CATS! (The prices are very reasonable and surprisingly affordable for animals to get raw diet cheaper then most processed kibble. I am part of a working team and my retired SD along with my currently active Service Dog are both on the Raw food and my husbands pet female dog)

What makes this so great is some people are nervous about feeding whole and here you can buy ground up with bones in!  Plus a variety of different meats!

Murse Chesster

Four years ago, my dog was diagnosed with Stage 4 renal failure. I called and spoke with someone at Shebangs and she recommended one of their products and food. Today, he had blood work at the vet and he is within normal kidney function. I love this place. Thank you!!

Ashley Albin-Sollars

Great resource for pet care!

Crystal & Jeremy Bretz

The first week we did not notice much on his shedding.  We have one of those gloves and we could fill it up like 5 times and we would do this all day.  The day before yesterday he lay down on the blanket and I noticed no hair was there.  I brushed him with the glove and hardly got anything off of him.  I could not believe the change.

Robbie Greenwell

Finding Shebangs was one of the first steps that started me on my own path into the pet industry. They have not only been a trusted and reliable resource for me but have also been there to help numerous grooming clients and friends I have sent to them over the years.

Sam Boyd

Been getting my dogs’ food here for about 10 years. Best thing I ever did!

Renee Miller Howard