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The company went through some major changes in 2008 and I've just recently learned how to update the site!  Please call or email for information or pricing!  Keep checking back for updates!

2011 - even more major changes!!  We have moved our location!  We are now located at 914 N SR 161 which is only one building over from where we have always been!!  We are in the building behind our former building that used to be Bowld's Produce!  Join us for our Grand Re-Opening on July 30th!!

       Hi, my name is Darwin and I'm a Harlequin Great Dane. My AKC registered name is AMERICAN & INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION Shebang's Natural Selection, CGC! Yup, that's right the company was named after yours truly!  My skin mom, Charity, founded the company due to her knowledge of a better way to take care of me and my family.  Before I was around she had been researching ways to improve the health of my breed.  As a result, she discovered many key practices that not only made me into the beautiful show dog that I am - but promote total true health and longevity for all of my fellow carnivores!  
       Since we built this business up in hopes of making as many pets TRULY HEALTHY as possible, we offer free nutritional counseling to help determine what is best for each pet.  The most wonderful thing about our business is that none of it is rocket science!  Even though the approach toward true health may not be conventional, it is all natural.  Dogs, cats, and even ferrets are carnivores that evolved to "live off the land" and depended on nature for their survival.  That is why our evolutionary approach to true natural health is easily achieved by simplicity and common sense.
       So, now that you made it this far - sit back, take a deep breath, and absorb the reality that your pet's health is in your hands.  Please take a look at all we have to offer, ask if you have any questions, and enjoy the site!


                                                  You've come a long way Baby!!





Shebang's Natural Selection prepares and packages a raw natural diet specifically designed with your carnivore in mind.  Your pet's ancestors thrived on raw meat, bones, flesh, and organs.  Most of todays commercially available pet foods are made with grains, other fillers, and chemicals that do not promote true health in our pets.  Our diet is simply a convientent way to feed your pet a species appropriate diet!


Shebang's Natural Selection is also a complete health food store - only for pets!  Since every pet is different and we cannot perfectly replicate everything available to a wild animal in just the food, you may wish to add supplements.  We carry a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, healthy oils, herbs, and natural remedies. 



It takes more than just physical health to make your pet TRULY HEALTHY.  You must consider your pet's mental health as well.  Shebang's Natural Selection also offers training classes given by an accrediated trainer.  Everyone enjoys a completely well rounded dog that is socially exceptable, obedient, and gleams in health.  We offer private lessons and group classes for both puppies and adult dogs.

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Shebang's Natural Selection, Inc.
914 N SR 161
Rockport, IN 47635
Phone: (812) 649-5000

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