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Fresh Frozen Raw Pet Food

Shebang’s Natural Selection prepares and packages a raw natural diet specifically designed with your carnivore in mind. 


We carry a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, healthy oils, herbs, and natural remedies.

Nutritional Counseling

We offer free nutritional counseling to help determine what is best for each pet. 

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We recommend feeding a raw natural diet. Since dogs, cats, ferrets and other carnivores in the wild don’t cook or wash their food, does it really make sense to feed them dry, heat processed, grain based pet foods? About 95% of all dry pet foods are “extruded”, a method wherein  a mixture of ingredients is steam conditioned, compressed and forced through a steel disk in the extruder. This method lessens protein quality, makes the food less appetizing, and destroys heat sensitive vitamins. *

Our pets need valuable nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, and minerals. Whole raw food, similar to what carnivores would find in the wild, supports a healthy pet by providing all of these essential ingredients. No nutrients are lost in the processing of raw food.

Not ready for raw? No worries!  We carry high quality dry pet food as well.

* Sci Food Agric 88:1487–1493 (2008)


Hi, my name is Darwin and I’m a Harlequin Great Dane. My AKC registered name is AMERICAN & INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION Shebang’s Natural Selection, CGC! Yup, that’s right, the company was named after yours truly!  My skin mom, Charity, founded the company based upon her personal knowledge and experience raising healthy, championship show dogs. She sought out and put into practice everything she could to support a healthy lifestyle for me and my family.  Before I was even around, she had spent a ton of time researching ways to support the health of my breed.  As a result, she discovered many key practices that not only made me into the beautiful show dog that I am – but can also support the health and longevity of all my fellow carnivores!  

Our business and beliefs are not rocket science!  Even though our approach toward supporting the health of our pets may not be conventional, it is all natural.  Dogs, cats, and even ferrets are carnivores that evolved to “live off the land” and depended on nature for their survival.  That is why we believe our evolutionary approach to the natural health of your pet is easily achieved by simplicity and common sense.

There is nobody else I’d trust to keep my pup (I say pup, but he’s almost 7 and has been going to shebangs since he was 6 months old). Between being able to text them to check on him, the love he is shown while there, and how the employees ask me to bring him back because they love and miss him.. it’s unbeatable. I drive an hour and a half one way to take him to be boarded/pick up his raw. I am so blessed to have found Shebangs not only for my boarding needs and dog food, but also for the help and knowledge when needed! I cannot recommend them enough!

Katie Basham

Happy Customer