We carry a variety of supplements in our store, a few being listed below.  Please contact us regarding additional products or with any questions.


NZYMES.COM, as a division of BIOPET INC., is dedicated to the health and welfare of pets and people all over the world. One of our primary goals is to help our patrons become BETTER PET PARENTS. We feel that the more people can discover about the advantages of promoting ‘Natural healing alternatives’ and how that may extend the useful life of their pets, the more accomplished they will feel about their PET PARENT responsibilities. To facilitate that end, our primary goal is simply stated as, “Provide our customers ONLY the highest quality products that deliver REAL RESULTS!”

Is Yeast effecting you or you pet's life?

These granules provide vital ‘live food’ dietary enzymes, which are completely absent from all cooked and processed pet foods. They help support a healthy immune system, as well as healthy coat and skin.

This tincture is a powerful herbal blend of “Black Walnut”, “Olive Leaf” & “Cayenne” developed for pets of all ages. The botanicals are wildcrafted and harvested at optimal potency. This powerful product also offers many “Internal and Topical” support uses.

Ox-E-Drops releases precursors, which assist the body in the removal of potentially dangerous free radicals and toxins; Regular daily use therein supports healthy immune functions and the fight against unwanted invaders.

A special blend of ‘live’, naturally occurring “friendly bacteria” cultures and pancreatic (digestive) enzymes. Micro-encapsulation helps to ensure maximum delivery of viable bacteria to the GI tract, where needed. Supports proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Protects & maintains intestinal flora balance.

This concentrated formula provides pets with an enzyme-rich food source plus powerful natural antioxidant protection. The live ingredients add the key nutrition needed to support a long and vital life. Supports a healthy functioning immune system.

Kelp Products of Florida

Kelp products are manufactured from high quality Norwegian Kelp. Norwegian Kelp supports healthy skin, coats and feathers.  It also support a healthy thyroid and digestion.  Great tasting. 100% all natural and organic. The Kelp Vegetarian Blend contains over 13 vitamins, 60 major & trace chelated minerals & 20 key amino acids.

Mix Norwegian Kelp with water, then mix with daily food as follows: Directions: 1 to 6 pounds – 1/2 scoop, 7 to 25 pounds – 1 scoop, 30 to 70 pounds – 2 scoops, 75 pounds+ – 3 scoops. For birds mix 1/8 scoop into feed every two days.