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The first week we did not notice much on his shedding.  We have one of those gloves and we could fill it up like 5 times and we would do this all day.  The day before yesterday he lay down on the blanket and I noticed no hair was there.  I brushed him with the glove and hardly got anything off of him.  I could not believe the change.     
                                                                                                                                     -Robbie Greenwell  Henderson, KY

Our raw has new and improved packaging and we now also offer TURKEY, DUCK, & RABBIT!!!!  Keep checking back for updated pictures!
Raw Info Sheet 1

This information packet is about the who, what, when, where and why of raw feeding.  This is just our recommendation.  Remember the key to a raw diet is that 10-15% of the diet can be anything you want.  It is this variety that keeps your pet healthy.

Raw Info Sheet 2

This packet talks about many types of vitamins and supplements that you can utilize no matter what you feed.  It refers much about feeding a raw natural diet, however it is suitable even if you feed a commercial kibble.

Shebang's Secret

This is the basic raw natural diet.  Simply stated what more can your friendly carnivore want in life but some raw food.  No preservatives, no grains, no additives, nothing but meat.  It is made with 100% USDA inspected chicken backs.  We grind them down for easier digestion.  Large dogs and small dogs alike can eat this with ease.  Even your most tender kitty cats will have no problem devouring this delicious meal. 

If it is your first time with feeding a raw diet, our recommendation is to start the first two to four weeks feeding only Shebang's Secret.  It gives time for your pets to get used to digesting the food and gives time for their stomach to shrink up.  Since kibble takes up much more space and tends to have lots of fillers, the raw food doesn't take up that same space.  This might make them feel hungrier, when they really aren't.  Their tummies just haven't shrank yet.  But, once it gets used to it, they are ready to start eating the other mixes.

Deco's Delight

This mixture of chicken necks and pork heart gives you the offal (organ) meat your pet loves.  It is rich in Vitamins A & D.  For those obligate carnivores (cats & ferrets) this gives you the levels of taurine that they need for their digestion.

Midori's Mix

This is the wonderful mixture of ground chicken necks, spinach, kale, bannanas, yellow squash, pineapple juice, and garlic.  Each whole food source giving plenty of vitamin packed goodness.  This rounds off feeding the variety of ground products.

Sheep Legs

A sheep leg is an excellent way to keep your pet's teeth cleaned.  This is nature's toothbrush.  At first you want to introduce them slowly to your pets, giving them time to digest it.  Sheep legs are very rich and can cause loose stools to start with. We recommend giving them for about 15 minutes at a time until they acclamate.  Imagine if you ate lots of cheesecake in one sitting.  It would taste great, but you would regret it later.  You can then refreeze the leg and give it back to them again.  After a few times their digestive system will be able to tolerate it.  You can give it to them freely and watch those teeth get cleaner and whiter after each time.  Once the bone is stripped of its meat no need to freeze it anymore.  If you see the bone starting to crack and splinter, toss it, time to get it a new one. 

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